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Salatiga ( Since the enactment of the 2014 Village Law, Villages have the authority to be independent and can generate their own income. There are many things a village can do to earn their own income. One of them is by establishing a BUM Desa. However, there are many obstacles encountered in the field. From the inequality of human resources in each village to the mindset of the success of the Village Community which only sees the success of an era of leadership of the Village Head only seen from the development that has been done.


Whereas with the existence of this Village Law, even a rural village can become a new economic center. So that people in the village don’t need to go far to the city to be able to improve their family’s economy. One way that a village can do to improve its economy is by opening a Village BUM or Village Owned Enterprise. However, there are many obstacles that are found in the village, one of the obstacles is as described above. HR in the village has not been able to develop and strengthen Village BUM businesses, so a Village BUM Training is needed.


The existence of BUM Desa is recognized by the government and protected by law, but there are still many of the Village Governments who do not understand the existence of BUM Desa. It is not easy to start a BUM Desa business unit. There are many steps that need to be done for everything to run successfully. So this BUM Desa training is here to help strengthen and or form a Village BUM so that it can be successful and can increase Village income.

Why do you have to take part in the BUM Desa Training?

This BUM Desa training is worthy to be followed because by participating in this training it is hoped that it can develop BUM Desa that can continue to develop. This BUM Desa training covers how to build and strengthen a BUM Desa.

  • Complete Facilities

This BUM Desa training provides various kinds of complete facilities which are quite interesting. From Training Locations, Materials to Field Study, we provide the best for you. The participants of this training will get comfortable in implementing the training so that they are expected to be able to absorb all the material provided.

  • Theory

What makes this BUM Desa Training even more interesting is that in addition to the names of professionals in the BUM Desa sector, there is material that is not only delivered by the resource persons but also various kinds of tips and sharing experiences about BUM Desa. A village should have a BUM Desa as a place to build a village. With this BUM Desa, it is hoped that the village will have income that can be used to build a village itself. With the existence of an independent Village BUM, the revival of the Indonesian Economy from the Village is not an impossible thing to do.


By participating in this BUM Desa Training, the village and BUM Desa will run optimally because the supervisory and mentoring functions can run in rhythm. However, this could not have been achieved if BUM Desa itself did not have superior HR capabilities and this superior human resource could be realized one of them by participating in this BUM Desa Training. There have been many cases that have occurred among villages and BUM Desa which in the end are just a name / or just standing but cannot develop. Most of them choose the wrong type of business and the lack of human resources for managing BUM Desa and the awareness of community members to participate in building BUM Desa can develop.


To be able to have a superior BUM Desa, it must start from superior human resources as well.


In addition, as one of the village administrators, we cannot rely on the existence of village funds each year provided by the government. We must also use the funds provided by the government to develop a business for the village managed by this Village-Owned Enterprise. So that the benefits from the capital from the Village Fund will initially be used to build better village facilities and infrastructure in the future. Of course, superior human resources are needed to realize all these big dreams.With the Village Fund and Village BUM which are used to manage part of village funds for business, it is not impossible that in the near future the welfare of residents will increase. However, in its implementation, there are still many BUM Desa that fail to implement the program objectives, apart from inadequate capacity but also irregularities due to misuse of these funds.


Therefore, it is necessary to have BUM Desa Training so that people who will be chosen by residents to become managers of BUM Desa have the ability and knowledge that are sufficient to synergize with the existing village environment. Managerial skills, accounting and strong character are needed in order to create honest and responsible BUM Desa Management Staff.Having a BUM Desa leader who has all of the above abilities is not an easy thing. It also takes enthusiasm to develop this task voluntarily for the advancement of the Village. Can manage this Village Fund from the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations successfully without any misappropriation of the Fund. Funds provided can be appropriate according to needs and can produce. So that every activity / at the end of the year can be held accountable for what this bumdes has produced.


This BUM Desa training activity is motivated by the number of BUM Desa in most villages in Indonesia that are not running / there are no activities and the worse is that they are threatened to close. This is due to the lack of HR expertise possessed by BUM Desa administrators in the village. This lack of expertise can be reduced by attending BUM Desa Training from “Nusantara Training And Research” (nTR)


The training method used by Nusantara Training And Research is a field school method that combines theory and practice directly. So that it is hoped that participants will not feel bored and can absorb all the material provided by well-known Village BUM Masters, including Sariyanto, S.Pd (General Chair of the Indonesian Village BUM Association), Eko Wiratno, S.Sos, MM, ME (Founder of BUM Management Schools of Indonesia). Desa 17), Meida Rachmawati, SE, MM, MH (Lecturer and Practitioner).


What we need to underline together and we have to believe is that every village across this country all has potential. This potential if it is developed properly can certainly make the community prosperous. However, the problem is that the villagers do not realize the potential size they have. At this opportunity, the actual potential of this BUM Desa can be developed and can become a business unit that can make the people prosperous. The business that is being developed is based on the original potential of the village, which is certain that all existing villagers can definitely benefit from this bumdes business unit.


In this BUM Desa Training, when they go directly to the field, they will be invited to visit a village BUM that has been successful for a comparative study and can be replicated for application to the new BUM Desa that will be formed by the participants of this Village BUM Training. With this method, it is hoped that participants can quickly give up all the material given. So that when they return to their village, they can get the expertise to form and manage a BUM Desa that can be successful and can make the residents prosperous. This BUM Desa training is also expected to be a solution for every village that has problems regarding BUM Desa. After completing this training, you can get insight or medicine for what is the problem in the BUM Desa.

Village BUM Training Method          

The method used in training and mentoring this BUM Desa is to use the method in the classroom and directly practice the best BUM Desa directly

The Purpose of Village BUM Training Activities

  • Understand how to explore the Village Potential and know how to develop the village’s potential so that it can become an Independent village.
  • Understand how to initiate, start, determine the type of business and develop a Village-Owned Enterprise as an institution that is able to answer the needs of the people in the village.
  • Understand how to manage a BUM Desa organization and how to manage it.
  • Able to Design Design and Strategy development plans for BUM Desa that will be formed.
  • Able to understand how to market the BUM Desa business that will be run.

Benefits of Village BUM Training Activities

  • Provide an introduction to potential-based village planning that can drive village development
  • Provide an understanding of the procedures for the formation and management of Village-Owned Enterprises that are participatory, innovative, educational, transparent, and accountable
  • Provide entrepreneurial creativity in developing BUM Desa in the village.
  • Introducing the diversity of BUM Desa businesses that have an impact on improving village welfare

General BUM Desa Training Materials:

  1. Village potential and opportunity mapping strategies in determining the type of Village BUM Business.
  2. Arrangement of organizational structure.
  3. Budget Preparation and Report Preparation.
  4. Preparation of accounting systems and SOPs.
  5. Village Business Ideas
  6. Professional Village BUM management strategy
  7. Village Deliberative Facilitation Techniques
  8. Village BUM capital strategy
  9. Generating social business motivation
  10. Value Chain Analysis
  11. Market Survey
  12. Develop a Village business model
  13. BUM Desa support until rising stars

Best BUM Desa Field Study

The Field Study at the BUM Desa Training event is a quick way to create change for training participants. By visiting the BUM Desa that has been successful, it is hoped that training participants can replicate or imitate the methods used. With the existence of this Field Study, we can understand directly the conditions in the field and how to start a successful BUM Desa. This open discussion with BUM Desa business actors directly can also be a value added material that is not in the classroom. 

Benefits of Field Studies  

  • Provide insight and new knowledge as well as know the conditions in the field directly.
  • As an analysis material to compare with the original conditions of the village so that it can produce a new formula for the new BUM Desa that will be formed.
  • Adding Cooperation Networks among BUM Desa to strengthen each other.


This BUM Desa training needs to be encouraged and carried out throughout Indonesia in order to accelerate the creation of an Indonesian economy from the village. The amount of Village Funds issued by the Government is expected to be used in part to start a Village-Owned Business Unit with a Village BUM. With the Village Fund that was issued early as the initial capital to start a BUMDes business, it is hoped that it can contribute to PAD. Apart from having direct benefits with the existing community, BUM Desa is also expected to be independent.


In addition, by treating the supervision and control system directly to the village, it is also hoped that the Village Government will be ready with the Village Fund Accountability Report that has been used. However, the case is different if part of the Village Fund is used for BUM Desa, then the Village Fund that goes to BUM Desa is initiated which needs to be accounted for. However, how to start it all will of course always be a question and obstacle for every village. Therefore, ” Training  Nusantara An d Research” is here to hold Village BUM Training on how to Grow, Strengthen Village BUM so that they become the spearhead of improving the Village Economy.


Contact Us “Nusantara Training and Research” (nTR)

Office: Tingkir, Salatiga City, Central Java Phone 081 392 693 969


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